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    It is my pleasure to come alongside you to find natural solutions for everyday health! My goal is to help you feel at ease, prepared and confident on how to use essential oils and other natural products safely around every member of the family – children and pets included!


    The essential oils I recommend are dōTERRA® Essential Oils because they are:

    • All-natural and verified 100% pure
    • Safe for kids and pets
    • Affordable at just pennies per use
    • Doctor recommended and supported by groundbreaking medical research

    Whether you are wanting to use essential oils for relaxation, personal hygiene, household cleaning, cooking or supporting healthy bodies rest assured, you will be in capable and caring hands when ordering through me.


    If you are new to essential oils and would like a complimentary consultation you may request one below. During the 30-min session you'll have an opportunity to ask your questions in a one-on-one setting and receive safe usage recommendations. Of course you don't have to buy anything, but if you do find something you want I can help you order. Looking forward to connecting with you!

  • Meet Melissa

    Hello! My name is Melissa. I am mother of 2 dogs - Brownie & Twix, An American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull Terrier and they are my world. I’m an operations manager in healthcare, love spending time outdoors, crossfit, running. I love to travel and experience different cultures and meet new people. I’ve grown a deeper appreciation for re-kindling old friendships and staying in contact with as many friends and family as possible.


    I've spent my entire career trying to improve people's lives in an extremely complicated healthcare system, only to fall in love and be fortunate enough to have been introduced to something I never thought I believed in - Natural, more Holistic options for healthcare! I've been using oils for over 5 years now and it has made a significant difference in my life from helping with health concerns, keeping my dogs healthy and helping them through their end stages of life, helping to keep me more physically healthy and recover from workouts, and providing me with cheaper alternatives to home and personal care products. Whether you are like me (in the past) and feel you will never be interested in alternatives to health, already interested in having a more natural home with less toxic substances, or already experienced and in LOVE with essential oils, this page is to help anyone start learn about the amazing benefits of essential oils!

    Schedule a Complimentary Aromatherapy Consultation with me TODAY. During the 30-min session you'll have an opportunity to ask your questions in a one-on-one setting and receive usage recommendations. This means you'll be left feeling at ease, prepared and confident on how to use essential oils for every member of your family - children and pets included! To request a consultation (phone, Zoom or in-person), click on the button below.
    Looking forward to connecting with you!

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  • Monthly Specials

    Doterra & Team Specific Product Specials

    Product of the Month

    Lemongrass (15 mL)

    Looking for a new addition to your essential oil collection? Lemongrass is the perfect place to start. Combine with a carrier oil for a soothing massage after exercise. Flavor your food with it, add it to your face wash, or rub it on your skin to repel insects. Get Lemongrass FREE with any 125 PV Loyalty Rewards Order between March 1-15.

    10% Off Special


    Want to be a morning person? Take Mito2Max® for an extra boost when you're having a hard time getting going in the morning. Or, use it in the afternoon when the mid-day slump hits. Morning or afternoon, boost your stamina and mental energy with Mito2Max®. Now 10% off March 1 - 31.

    Into the Deep Blue® Promotion

    FREE Deep Blue® Rub and Deep Blue® 5 mL!​

    Experience the synergistic power of Deep Blue's eight soothing essential oils this month. When you place a 200 PV single order between March 1 - 31, you'll receive a Deep Blue® Rub and 5 mL Deep Blue® blend for FREE.

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